Attorney Opinion Letters

One step in the process of obtaining financing for a commercial real estate transaction is to obtain an attorney opinion letter. For commercial real estate transactions in Texas, a lawyer licensed to practice law in Texas must review the lender's requirements and draft a letter that addresses each requirement.

We Provide Attorney Opinion Letters For Financing

Generally, the lender will request a legal opinion that the person or business that is borrowing the funds for the commercial project is a legitimate business in Texas. The attorney opinion letter certifies that this business is properly registered with the appropriate agencies in Texas and doing business legitimately in the state.

A business that is certified to be in good standing in Texas is then able to conduct business and sign agreements and loan documents. Please contact us online or at 469-249-9553 to discuss your lender's legal requirements.

This attorney letter assures the bank or other type of lending institution that the financing terms and conditions required in the loan documents are valid and legally enforceable under Texas law. Since the financing is contingent upon obtaining this attorney opinion letter, it is one of the most important documents required during the lending process. Without this, the entire project will not be able to move forward.

We are able to prepare attorney opinion letters in all commercial transactions, including those in which we advise a client on legal matters from start to finish or for out-of-state attorneys or clients whose real estate transaction requires representation in Texas.

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