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At Lawrence Law PLLC, our Dallas purchase and sale agreement attorneys represent buyers and sellers in all aspects of commercial real estate transactions. We encourage sellers to contact us as soon as they decide to put a piece of commercial property on the market, and we recommend that buyers enlist our services as early in the process as possible, prior to making an offer and sending a letter of intent. The sooner you get us on your side, the sooner you can benefit from our decades of experience making successful transactions.

Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Transaction Services

Our lawyers handle the purchase and sale of all kinds of commercial properties, both developed and undeveloped. We are well-versed in complex and nuanced transactions such as the acquisition or sale of farms and ranches. In all cases, we provide comprehensive representation from preparation to negotiation to the finalization of the sale.

Drafting, Reviewing And Negotiating Agreements

Our attorneys can draft, review and negotiate commercial real estate purchase and sale agreements. In all transactions there are potential economic opportunities and hidden costs. Because we offer personal attention and take the time to understand our clients’ goals, we will take care to identify and move on economic opportunities that might otherwise be missed, while avoiding or seeking alternatives to unexpected costs.

There are many points of negotiation in a real estate transaction. Due diligence is necessary in regard to the legal description of the property, the price and the deposit, the contingency period, the conditions required to close, and more. Are there title issues that need to be addressed? We will make certain nothing is overlooked. Furthermore, we also assist with financing and refinancing, entity formation for the purchase of real estate, and more.

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